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The Best Buns on the Beach

  • Hamburger Joe's North Myrtle Beach
    SINCE 1989
  • Hamburger Joe's Surfside Beach
    SINCE 2005
Burger and Rings
Cooking Video

In order for patent owners to garner the benefits the ITC has to offer, the alleged infringer must import “articles that infringe” a valid U.S. patent or copyright. As clear as this may sound, recently there has been litigation about what exactly constitutes an “article that infringes.” For example, if a patent claim requires a scanner for scanning fingerprints and software for analyzing the prints, is the scanner –-without the completed software- an article “that infringes”? Or, if a patent claim requires obtaining a series of digital data sets representing dental aligners, are the digital data sets “articles” that infringe?

The Federal Circuit recently took up these two issues. The cases help define the term “articles that infringe,” and thus, the jurisdiction of the ITC in a 337 investigation. In one case, Suprema v. ITC , the Federal Circuit held en banc that the ITC has the authority to block the importation of a part of a patented article if it is imported for a downstream use that would infringe the claim of a patent. More recently, in nike air max 97 gold 2010 dodge PD5HN
, a Federal Circuit panel ruled that the ITC does not have the authority to block importation of digital transmissions, even if the digital transmissions infringe a patent.

Suprema v. ITC

In Suprema, a South Korean company imported fingerprint scanners along with software development kits into the United States. U.S. companies then used the software development kit in a manner that allowed the fingerprint scanner to become functional, and resultantly infringe the U.S. patent. The owner of the patent asked the ITC to halt the importation of the fingerprint scanners. The manufacturer argued that because the patent required that the software be activated, there were no “articles that infringe ” at the time of importation. Furthermore, the importing company argued that the scanners have substantial non-infringing uses, i.e ., that the scanners are “staple articles.” Essentially, the issue was whether importing a part of a patented article qualifies as an “article that infringes”, and thus, whether the ITC has jurisdiction over the imported items.

The Federal Circuit found that Section 1337’s “articles that infringe” language does not limit the ITC’s jurisdiction to end-products that infringe a patent. As long as the other requirements of induced infringement are met ( i.e ., knowledge or willful blindness of infringement of a patent), a staple article that is imported as component of a patented article falls under the jurisdiction of the ITC.

Latest fansubbed Terrace House episodes

Translations by Netflix. MKV release by Terrible House.

Synposis: Taka and Seina goes for a walk in Karuizawa. Shion and Tsubasa goes ice scating. Seina drinks wine.


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Translations by Costco Subs. MKV release by Terrible House.

Synopsis: Tecchan goes on a date with maimai. Daiki catches a crab almost as big as Mi-ko’s boobs.


Edit: Sorry for fucking up the torrent. I forgot to add the fonts in the MKV file. Please download version 2.


[Torrent v2] [Magnet v2]

Synopsis: Rinati is plotting how to kill Maimai. Should she push her down the stairs? Use piano wire to blame a pianist? Or maybe poison her Chey latte?

Synposis: The new house mate drinks wine. Lots of it. In fact, drinking wine is her only interest.

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Synopsis: The house mates now try to re-brand Tecchan as the least smooth guy in Japan. Maimai is a bull in the figurative social china shop.

Synopsis: Tecchan is practicing for the sleeping olympics in Tokyo 2020. Daiki tries to wear a suit. Tecchan goes surfing with Maimai.

(This episode had lots of signs to be translated. Also I’m going to encode OND with HEVC from now on.)

IMPORTANT: Use VLC or MPV to play your video.


Synposis: Shion and Tsubasa goes to a temple to smoke. Tsubasa has her hockey match. Yuudai cooks food for the first time ever. Someone is a buy nike air jordan 10 og OIe67IyczL

Synopsis: Daiki goes from kickboxing to unboxing. Tecchan eagerly awaits the new girl joining. Will the new house cause more things to happen, or will they need to call in Seina-sensei?

(Season 4 finale. Stay tuned for season 5)

Synopsis: Midori turns 21 and throws a birthday party. The house mates prepares to move to a new house. They get kicked out due to excessive wine stains and lack of sex in the house.

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Article By:

Burns, Stanley G. Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa.

Burns, Stanley G.

Last updated: 2014


A semiconductor diode that is used in rectification and power control. The semiconductor diode conducts current preferentially in one direction and inhibits the flow of current in the opposite direction by utilizing the properties of a junction formed from two differently doped semiconductor materials ( nike air jordan 1 retro high nouveau dunk from aboves
). Doped silicon is by far the most widely used semiconductor. Semiconductor diodes are intrinsic to integrated circuits and discrete device technology and are used to perform a wide variety of isolation, switching, signal processing, level shifting, biasing, control, and alternating-current (ac) to direct-current (dc) conversion functions. This article focuses on using the semiconductor diode for ac-to-dc conversion, called rectification, as well as ac and dc power-control applications. See also: air jordan shop ukraine
; nike air max 90 grey and bronze trainers sale w9SpmINc
; Semiconductor ; nike roshe leopard print uk stamps 8kjnS

A semiconductor diode that is used in rectification and power control. Fig. 1 Controlled rectifier Rectifier Semiconductor Semiconductor diode

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