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Asako Morikawa

Reiko Ichise

Sam Stadlen

Emily Ashton

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Illustrated talk by Richard Boothby

Thursday, April 12, 7.30pm

Italian Academy 1161 Amsterdam Avenue

Bach The Art of Fugue

Counterpoint had been a constant preoccupation throughout J.S. Bach’s life and The Art of Fugue, one of his last works, was the culmination of this lifetime obsession. It has long been supposed that the composer’s death interrupted its completion, yet recently other possibilities and theories have been suggested.

Richard Boothby presents an illustrated performance with his group Fretwork – whose celebrated recording of this remarkable work is their best-selling album – and discusses some of the music’s most intriguing features.

The evening will conclude with an analysis of the final fugue, and a performance of a possible reconstruction of its missing final bars.

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Thursday, April 19 , 7.30pm

For over two centuries, Weimar endured as a capital for music composition and performance. From J S Bach's works in the 18th Century, to Richard Strauss' operas of the 1920s, the city has inspired and shaped western music from era to era.

In this presentation we explore the effect Weimar has had on some of the great talents that have called it home over the centuries.

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Four Nations Ensemble

Illustrated talk by Tav Holmes

Thursday, May 17 , 7.30pm

François Couperin

Jean-Marie Leclair

Jean-Philippe Rameau

Georg Philipp Telemann

François Devienne

Out of the dark final years of the reign of Louis XIV came a new style of art characterized by freshness, elegance and sensuality. While Versailles was draped in the heavy fabrics of guilt and failure, penance and penitence, Antoine Watteau was breaking with tradition, creating the new genre of the fête galante. His delicate brushstrokes and mastery of color and nuance are echoed in the music of his contemporary François Couperin. As art historian Tav Holmes guides us through the unique, idealized world of Watteau, Boucher and Fragonard, the Four Nations Ensemble and soprano Sherezade Panthaki will perform works of equally evocative beauty by Couperin, Rameau, Clérambault and Leclair.

Supporters of the Crittenden Compromise believed it would reassure the seceded Southern states that they could remain in the Union with assurances that slavery would never be hampered by the federal government. While the proposal garnered support among representatives of Southern and border states, Republicans, including President-elect Abraham Lincoln , strongly opposed its proslavery elements.

These resolutions from the Missouri convention, however, supported the Crittenden solution. One of the resolutions stated, "there exists no adequate cause why Missouri should secede from the Union and that she will do all that she can to restore peace to the same by satisfactory compromise." Further, it held that the Constitutional union was permanent, that the federal Constitution was the "supreme law of the land and not a mere compact," and that there was no provision for states to leave the Union legally. These resolutions did uphold the concept that a revolution could be justifiable in theory, but that "in the opinion of this Convention no overt act has been committed by the General Government sufficient to justify either secession, nullification or revolution." Finally, the representatives to the convention overwhelmingly agreed in their opposition to acts of war from either side.

One poignant resolution from the batch summarized the spirit of the Missouri convention: "Resolved That we have the best government in the world and intend to keep it." By a vote of 98-1 among the representatives to the convention, Missouri became the only state to call up a convention to consider secession without actually following through with secession.

Missouri's hopes of remaining neutral proved totally unworkable as the nation careened toward Civil War. After Fort Sumter its secessionist Governor Claiborne Fox Jackson resisted President Lincoln's call to raise soldiers against the Confederacy and went so far as to raise the Missouri Volunteer Militia and later the Missouri State Guard (MSG) in defense of secessionist interests. Federal military leaders could not tolerate secessionist militias organizing within Missouri's borders, and after they instigated the disastrous " Camp Jackson Affair " in May, nikecom air jordan 11
. Jackson, the MSG, and a number of likeminded state representatives abandoned Jefferson City and formed a government-in-exile as violence between the two sides escalated into full scale war with the battles of Boonville , Wilson's Creek , and Lexington in the summer of 1861.

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