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Hospitality and Authoring

An Essay for the English Profession

“The subject has received so little attention in the field that many compositionists have not heard of the traditional motif and practice. The Haswells’ treatment is not only the best and most complete on the subject in the field, it is the only book on the subject in the field.” —Rosemary Winslow, Catholic University of America

—Rosemary Winslow, Catholic University of America

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Composition Forum

Hospitality and Authoring , a sequel to the Haswells’ 2010 volume Authoring , attempts to open the path for hospitality practice in the classroom, making a strong argument for educational use and offering an initial map of the territory for teachers and authors.

Hospitality is a social and ethical relationship not only between host and guest but also between writer and reader or teacher and student. Hospitality initiates, maintains, and completes acts of authoring. This extended essay explores the ways that a true hospitable classroom community can be transformed through assigned reading, one-on-one conferencing, interpretation, syllabus, reading journals, topic choice, literacy narrative, writing centers, program administration, teacher training, and many other passing habitations.

Hospitality and Authoring strives to offer a few possibilities of change to help make college an institution where singular students and singular teachers create a room to learn with room to learn.


College Composition and Communication

Richard Haswell retired as Haas Professor of English at Texas AM University–Corpus Christi in 2008 and previously spent twenty-nine years at Washington State University, where he directed the composition program and the cross-campus writing assessment program. He has authored and coedited seven books: Gaining Ground in College Writing (1991), The HBJ Reader (1987), Comp Tales (2000), Beyond Outcomes (2001), nike roshe mid mens
(2006), Authoring (2010), and Hospitality and Authoring (2015). In 2000, with colleague Glenn Blalock, he launched CompPile , an online, open-access bibliography of scholarship in composition and rhetoric, now the largest and most utilized in the field.

You Will Not Survive

The Saddest Landscape

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To the Editor :

As an academic pulmonologist who cares for women with lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) and directs a LAM Clinic, I find it provocative to propose, as McCormack and colleagues ( 1 ) have, that LAM should be called a “low grade, destructive, metastasizing neoplasm.” The idea that LAM is a neoplasm, however, is not new and has surfaced in the literature for more than two decades. Yet I am faced with a level of uneasiness and confusion with the current declaration of LAM as a cancer. The authors express their own confusion through a series of questions that conclude by suggesting that the conventional labels, “benign” or “malignant,” be accompanied by the descriptive modifiers of a neoplasm. Does this make LAM a “cancer” or not if it is a destructive and metastasizing process? Does the statement, “LAM cells have growth-promoting DNA mutations, evidence of clonal origins, invasive and metastatic potential, and metabolic profiles” make LAM “entirely consistent with a neoplastic process”? Does the fact that LAM results in “remote tissue destruction, progressive respiratory failure and death or need for lung transplantation” further support LAM as a neoplastic process? I would propose that the jury is undecided. My decision is based on the fact that to date, LAM does not fulfill all eight hallmarks of cancer as described by Hanahan and Weinberg ( 2 ):

So, what is LAM? The answers remain unknown to this question posed in Finlay’s editorial in 2008 about LAM ( 3 ): “What is it, where does it come from, and why does it grow?” Is cancer just anything that grows without control, invades locally and remotely, and causes tissue destruction? This is the National Cancer Institute definition of cancer, and in this regard, LAM almost fits the definition. Inappropriate proliferation and invasion controlled by hormones, particularly estrogens, is certainly a characteristic of LAM ( 4 ) ( Figure 1 ). There remains a gray zone between uncontrolled proliferations and diseases like LAM, which only serves to underscore our current ignorance.

Figure 1. Is lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) benign or malignant? The diagram shows the diverse features of LAM that could be argued to support one designation over the other. The only common feature between them is inappropriate proliferation and invasion. LOH = loss of heterozygosity; mTOR = mammalian target of rapamycin; TSC = tuberous sclerosis complex.


Samuele Montréal, Québec

Multi instrumentiste à la plume bien aiguisée, Samuele dépose une poésie intime et engagée sur un folk-rock à forte ... ascendance blues. Seule à la guitare, accompagnée de ses complices ou, austérité oblige, en femme-orchestre, Samuele livre un spectacle désarmant d’honnêteté où se mélangent chansons et spoken word. ... more more

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